YouAndYourCash by The Spaniard

You’ve heard the phrase “They’ve got loads of cash” So you and your cash really is all about you and your cash – and how you can stop others from taking it away. How you can make the most of what you’ve got and how you may even be able to increase it over time.

About Us

Simon Goldberg

Co Founder: Host

Simon, began his working life with Messrs. Coutts & Co, bankers to the Queen. During a career which has, thus far, spanned 29 years, Simon has served time as a Bank Manager, Financial Adviser, and General Manager of a major UK Broking Firm; which later became London Scottish Broking. A Qualified Mortgage Adviser, Simon set up his own broking firms in late 2002, later to have the rug pulled from beneath him, as a consequence of the now infamous 'credit-crunch' of 2007/08; an event that changed Simon's perspectives on banking.

Since then, Simon has spent the past 8 years researching many aspects of law, and championing the cause of the unsuspecting consumer; highlighting the dodgy, and at times, downright deceptive tricks employed by some banks and other consumer orientated organisations.

Simon's unique perspective, and style have brought him more than 2 million internet views worldwide, numerous radio interviews, and even a guest appearance on satellite TV.

For the past 4 years, Simon has facilitated more than 200 educational seminars and lectures across the UK, and has received more than 3000 attendees at these varied events.

Among other things, Simon has a passion for music and Hollywood movies, and is well known for using these as a medium for teaching aspects of the law and consumer rights. On a lighter note, in 2012 he made a cameo appearance in a popular music video, and even appeared in a BBC period drama during 2015.

Mark Moxom

Co Founder: Host Consultant, Strategist, Professional dot joiner. Futurist. Multiple Best Selling Author, Publisher, Life time entrepreneur, Natural health strategist (40 years of being doctor free) and is the brains behind the highly effective Snack Box Diet.

Marks work across a divers range of fields from technology, natural health, retail, service and publishing and media marketing has exposes him to much of what is going on in the forefront of industry and commerce. He does not like to see people being walked over by businesses of poorly formulated statutes in the hands of the powers that be and he'll will uphold the rights of those who are wherever possible. This passion and ability comes from a lifetime of business experience and recognising that bread still needs to be put on the table, This means Mark is always to help business owners with a heart to be the best they can be. To that end, one of Marks greatest thrills is guiding business owners and executives to recognise and seize on new and exciting opportunities that they would have otherwise missed. This is becoming more crucial now, as technology is changing the way businesses are working, from how they find their clients and customers, through how they manage their inventory to how they design and source the resources needed for their products and services.

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