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Why Should I Make a Will
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What is the Problem?

This one comes from Stephen in Dartford, and his question “Why should I make a Will?”

Well… Everyone should have a will.

A will formally sets out (expresses) your wishes for the distribution of your property and assets, after you have departed this mortal plane.

Your home, savings, insurance policies, investments, and personal possessions are all affected, and together these items comprise your ‘estate’.

In short, if you don’t leave instructions, someone else will make those decisions for you, and those decisions are subject to the ‘Rules of Intestacy’ (dying without a valid will in place)

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You’ve heard the phrase “They’ve got loads of cash” So you and your cash really is all about you and your cash – and how you can stop others from taking it away. How you can make the most of what you’ve got and how you may even be able to increase it over time.

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