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Alkyl Halides – Electrostatics, Non-bonded Interactions 1
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Prof. McBride, J. Michael, CHEM 125b, Freshman Organic Chemistry II, Spring 2011, YALE Open Courses: Yale University, Chemistry (Accessed 14/09/2014), http://oyc.yale.edu/chemistry/chem-125b/lecture-4 License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA A student provides insight on fractional-order rate laws. Bonds involving atoms with lone-pair electrons are weakened by electron-pair repulsion. Electronegativity differences between atoms make ionic dissociation (heterolysis) easier and radical dissociation (homolysis) harder, although Pauling’s definition of electronegativity makes the logic of the latter effect somewhat circular. The course transitions from free-radical reactions to ionic reactions by discussing solvent properties, in particular the electrostatic properties of alkyl halides and alkanes.

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