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Different Limitations For Vaccination
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Professor Saltzman continues his presentation on the topic of vaccine. First, he describes the host immune response to pathogen recognition, in terms of immunoglobulin release, T-cell activation, and memory cell production. The production, distribution, and challenges involved in making of the Salk polio vaccine and the modern, oral polio vaccine are discussed. A life-intervention cost analysis for vaccine was compared to other policies to further emphasize the impact of vaccine on improving public health worldwide. Professor Saltzman, W. Mark. BENG 100, Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering, Spring 2008. Yale OpenCourseWare: Biomedical Engineering, Accessed 13/9/14 http://oyc.yale.edu/biomedical-engineering/beng-100/lecture-10 License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

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