Travis Matheny by Travis Matheny
About Travis Matheny

Travis has a unique background in both creative media as well as professional speaking. He has produced hundreds of media solutions that get the job done. He has an uncanny knack of translating client's desires into the technical language needed for our team to create tools that get results. He is also a highly sought after coach and consultant who knows how to create digital branding solutions that create sales!

He co-founded 2 successful creative media companies, Legacy Solutions and Digital Brand Makeover, where he oversees teams of creative professionals to produce cutting edge media solutions to companies like Best Western Hotels, Famous Dave’s Restaurants, and The People Report. His years of experience has made him an authority in the arenas of media creation, next-gen training, and social media marketing.

In addition, Travis is a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team, an exclusive group of coaches and speakers highly trained and certified under the John Maxwell principles of business and leadership.

Travis has been married for 15 years to his wife, Lori. They have two girls, Madeline, 12, and Clara, 7. They live in Fort Worth, Texas.