Roz Usheroff by Roz Usheroff
About Roz Usheroff

Roz Usheroff has delivered over 2,000 seminars to clients around the world. Her specialized coaching style has helped thousands of businesspeople to maximize their personal power and leadership presence.

Through the creation of her highly engaging, customized training programs, Roz personally instructs men and women in the art of personal branding, delivering powerful presentations, leading without authority, and establishing dynamic executive presence.

As an expert in her field, Roz is frequently called upon to deliver her message through national television, radio and print media. She is also the author of The Remarkable Leader Blog, which has gained a reputation for insightful and thought-provoking commentary on what it takes to succeed in the new global economy.

What you can expect to achieve from attending one of Roz’s seminars:

Creating and managing highly effective work teams is the key to success. Roz will provide you with the tools that will enable you to build trust and inspire those around you to perform at their highest levels.

The best way to accelerate your career growth is to meet, then exceed expectations. Roz will provide you with the proven framework for working at your maximum potential.

In the new global economy, expanding your impact within and beyond your sphere of influence is critical for success. Even though the world may be changing, Roz will share with you the enduring principles for making the “right” connection with those you work and those you seek to serve.

Contract Roz to learn more about how she will help you to create a memorable experience for your audience with a customized presentation targeted to address specific business or training objectives.