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A Tale of Two Businesses
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In an era where many companies offer similar products and services at similar prices, it’s often hard to stand out. But if you offer the best customer service around, you’ll win more than just customers – you’ll win loyal customers. The kind that keep coming back and tell their friends to do the same. If that sounds good, this video training series with accompanying workbooks is exactly what you need!

Learning Objectives:

Create a physical and/or online environment conducive to attracting and engaging high-quality customers

Recognize and develop personal qualities that lead to successful customer interaction

Analyze ineffective customer service techniques in order to learn why they don’t work and how to avoid them

Jeff Havens is a speaker, author, and professional development expert who tackles leadership, generational, and professional development issues with an exceptional blend of content and entertainment. He is a contributing writer to Fast Company, Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal; and has been featured on CNBC and Fox Business.

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