The Marketing Guru by Fran Piggott

Create a Marketing Strategy That Works!

About Fran

Fran Piggott is an entrepreneur, CEO of Marketing Guru (Pty) Ltd based in Durban, South Africa and the author of Turning Hot Ideas Into Money.

As a successful marketing strategist and sales executive, I went on to found four companies of my own.

Experience in corporate new business development and as a business owner stretches over 46 years.

For the past 14 years, I have been mentoring small business owners to grow their businesses by using proven tools and techniques to increase their profits.

I have also facilitated 101 training workshops for business owners, managers, account executives and sales teams in South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania in marketing - planning and strategy; sales - selling skills to achieve sales targets; and internet marketing strategies. All my workshops can now be found online with lifetime access. There are more than 600 people worldwide actively participating in these courses.

With the Internet allowing global access, I have been able to successfully help business owners worldwide through 101 Skype sessions.

During the past 3 years, I have shared my marketing and business knowledge through speaking engagements.

Since 2002, I studied Internet Marketing thoroughly – as I strongly believes that internet marketing must be part of a business owner's marketing arsenal to generate leads and sales. This has been a huge learning curve, taking me on a journey of expansion with help from eminent internet marketing mentors.

Having built one of my businesses from 0 to 34,000 members, I'm fully aware of the hurdles facing new and established business owners … like cash flow, growth, managing staff, procrastination, accountability, responsibility … the list is endless!

However, it's been my experience that if you give the right product to the right market and create the right awareness, then you'll always have money in your bank account … helping you to overcome many challenges in your business.

This Marketing Guru will teach you the easiest and quickest way to apply proven techniques and strategies that will help you to grow your revenue profitably making your business sustainable.

I now put back as much of my knowledge and experience to those who want to learn from my success … and also my mistakes!