10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing by Marion Rouvas

This course teaches you how to master the nuances of your voice whether you are a beginner or professional singer. It teaches you how to sing in a way that promotes the longevity of the singing voice. Revise your learning with handy PDF's. Participate in the videos at the provided opportunities. Make sure you watch somewhere you can sing! The lessons in this course can take anywhere from weeks to years to master, but getting through the content will not take that long! You can watch again and again whenever you want a singing lesson with Marion.


Marion Rouvas is the director and founder of Voiceology Australia, author of "10 Essential Lessons For Easy Singing" available online or DVD together with workbook, CD and also as an ebook to get started.

Marion Rouvas has over 25 years experience in training voices. The name" Voiceology" came from the very idea that people really need to study their craft to recognize and reach their true potential. The voice is a very delicate instrument and needs to be nurtured accordingly!

Whatever your vocal needs Marion has the answer. Professionals have now given her the title of the true "Voiceologist"

“Marion saved my voice. I’d sing one song and then couldn’t speak for a week! Through lessons with Marion her technique helped me bring my voice back to make it better than it had ever been. Thanks for everything, Marion.”

— Natalie, Voiceology student

Marion, a seasoned performer herself, began singing at a very young age. In her mid twenties Marion's voice was already showing signs of exhaustion due to using the vocal techniques taught by many well-known teachers of her time.

Having surgery to remove the nodules from her vocal cords (a result of bad technique) was somewhat of a blessing, as Marion then started to do some research of her own and developed a technique which enabled her to continue her own singing career without ever having to suffer vocal damage or hoarse throats again.

Marion's very own daughter daughter, Diana Rouvas, is a walking testimony to this vocal technique. A well established performer who is able to produce the same great results night after night.

Diana was a finalist in 2012 series of "The Voice" Australia.

Marion believes because we live in a very fast-paced world where people have become conditioned to quick results. This makes it even more challenging for the teachers of today where students sometimes have unrealistic expectations of the voice and the time it can take to reach its true potential! Sadly, many singers allow their inadequate vocal technique to compromise their presentation of a song.

Based on research from training thousands of singers, Marion developed a program designed to start students on a fast and effective beginning to mastering voice production. Suprise yourself with these fast results!

Voiceology Australia now has many teachers available for lessons around Sydney and northern NSW.

Using The 10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing students are able to improve their vocal range, tonal quality and power of the voice with astounding speed. "All they have to do is follow the lessons - and the vocal exercises will do the rest", says Marion.

WATCH AND LEARN! A unique program where you not only sing, but you have someone to guide you through the lessons vocally, so you can't go wrong!

Many students have tried and tested these exercises (refer to testimonials) and one of the most exciting benefits they have discovered is their ability to connect registers - a technique which is sadly neglected in modern-day singers and teachers of today. Marion's technique, when mastered, will truly blend the voice into one and enable students to sing pop songs of today with astounding ease as well as many other styles available to them. This is not a style of teaching. it is a foundation for the voice to provide years of producing great and consistent performances!

"Why limit your vocal range?"

Training your voice first will provide a solid foundation for the future! Anyone can learn to sing!

The 10 Essential Lessons will increase your vocal range and expose you to a whole new world of songs you can perform, rather than your limited vocal range dictating your style of music.

Check out the DVD (Order through this website) Or simply do the lessons online, travel anywhere with your own lessons and practice in privacy!

Be in command of your instrument - not the other way around!