Ted Unarce by Ted Unarce
About Ted Unarce

Ted Unarce is currently the CEO of GTC Biotech Inc., a biotech firm for medical devises and immunoassay diagnostics tests. His experience in the medical field, has given him the ability to not only speak knowledgeably on many aspects of medicine and science, but also explain and explore the theoretical underpinnings behind such fields of study. He is an award-winning documentary Film producer, Enterpreneur and Philanthropist with extensive experience in the medical field. Ted is driven by a passion to produce powerful and progressive documentaries, feature-length dramas, and works of nonfiction. Social messages of immense importance create the backdrop to all of his works.

He created several award-winning documentaries including his documentary, Modern DaySlaves (www.moderndayslavesmovie.com, which was featured in the Cannes Film Festival and subsequently screened at institutions of higher learning across the United States. Other films include Lines of Tribe (www.linesoftribemovie.com), Mendicant Society ( http://graciesuzara4mdsf.wordpress.com), Education and Entertainment ( www.schoolversustv.com) and his feature film Severe Visibility.

Unarce has authored a four (4) books. We Are Stronger Thank You Think is the third book in his series, which also includes the titles Wages of Fear and Power and Greed (www.tedunarce.com) and his latest Planet Earth 2050. Unarce is also the founder of a nonprofit organization, the Modern Day Slaves Foundation (http://www.mdsfoundation.us/) , which is devoted to aiding victims of human trafficking and spreading knowledge of and activism for the international epidemic that is human trafficking.

Further programs Unarce has developed include the The World Indie Film Festival (www.twiff.org ) , an international festival devoted to aiding filmmakers from the developing world and filmmakers who wish to produce films about the developing world in screening their works for an audience and a panel of judges.