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Lesson 1
Lesson-1 マニキュアに必要な道具
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We will learn the basics of nail polish. Although we use the red manicure, this is because it is difficult color you do not hear the most deception. Once you have practice in the red, what color it is also okay! Service and commentary also details of the "healing" such as a foot massage. Lesson is composed of three to less than five minutes the video, has adopted the technique of micro-learning to learn efficiently without choosing the time and place.

  • ネイル
  • ネイリスト
  • 健康
  • 美容
  • beauty
  • manicure
  • manicurist
  • ネイルケア
  • セッティング
  • 日本
  • Japan
  • マイクロラーニング
  • 実技
  • 学び
  • 丁寧


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