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We will learn the technique to eliminate chip wrap, the trouble of the nails that nail wrap. And two nails and cracking nails to reinforce and repair in a dedicated material, you can finish in the beautiful natural fingertips than nails. If you can eliminate your worries, you also professional! JNE manicurist skills is one of the issues that will appear on the exam to test. Lesson is composed of three to less than five minutes the video, has adopted the technique of micro-learning to learn efficiently without choosing the time and place.

  • ネイル
  • ネイリスト
  • 健康
  • 美容
  • beauty
  • manicure
  • manicurist
  • ネイルケア
  • セッティング
  • 日本
  • Japan
  • マイクロラーニング
  • 実技
  • 学び
  • 丁寧


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