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Lesson 1
Lesson-1 ジェルネイルの基礎知識
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Classic menu, and then master the gel nail. From the use of dedicated equipment such as UV lamps, care for the gel, you can learn to how maintenance and off. Gel unique art that was taking advantage of the sense of transparency is a must-see! The finish of the salon First, let's try at your own nails! Lesson is composed of three to less than five minutes the video, has adopted the technique of micro-learning to learn efficiently without choosing the time and place.

  • ネイル
  • ネイリスト
  • 健康
  • 美容
  • beauty
  • 日本
  • Japanese
  • ジェルネイル
  • ジェル
  • Gel nail
  • マイクロラーニング
  • 実技


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