Manicurist training course

From the basic of care until the popularity of the gel is a lesson that can master the manicurist of technology. Of course, employment in salon if you stick to only the nail of technology, you can practice at home, or a business trip in to and medical field events, work styles are freely! It is very popular as a hobby to polish the "clean" of the fingertip. It can be viewed as many times as a demonstration of professional manicurist, yet is able to study favorite time at your pace, the video unique benefits. Also it comes with a text that can review the necessary tools and procedures. Application examples of useful tips and art in order to improve such lots. First of all, lessons start from "Nail Care" to create a foundation of beautiful fingertips! Then, after you have mastered the beautiful Fill nail polish in "color ring" is, let's learn to choose your favorite courses such as "nail art" and "gel nails".

by 東京カルチャーセンター