Lesson 1
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How do you start your business? How do you envision it to grow? To what direction?

These are some of the questions, you should answer when you start a new business or you have reached the "point of no return" and you need to take some serious decisions.

This course is about how to answer these questions and develop a successful business in your Niche Market.

It presents the basic concepts of a business and challenge you to take action toward better your business and life!

  • business
  • small business
  • business model
  • startup
  • personal development
  • Development Strategy
  • strategy
  • professional education
  • managerial skills
  • business planning
  • online business
  • bootstrap
  • personal branding
  • Communication skills
  • business help

Focus on you! Learn what you have to to do you work and live your life more fully Invest on You. Get the skills you need to succeed in life and business! YOLO. You only learn once but you are succeed all the time

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