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Fear Kills Everything!
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That is a lesson I (Stan) learned a long time ago. Indeed it does kill, and it will kill your chances for true success if you let it. I have been writing and teaching about dealing with our fears for may years as a teacher, broadcaster, and business success coach. In this under 20 minutes class I will share with you how to get started in overcoming fears by identifying the five big fears and how they strangle our happiness in life and success in business. With this understanding you are ready to live with less fear in a fear-full world.

  • fear
  • fight your fears
  • overcome
  • become happy
  • successful

Teaching Leaders & Entrepreneurs How to Increase their influence, impact, and income! In short, sharp, high energy classes and courses together we will seek to discover, learn and act on good ideas that matter and make a difference, so that you will be a high energy, savvy, smart and yet soulful business leader and entrepreneur. You will have a life, be an honored teacher, successful, and not lose your soul in all the stuff out there. You will understand what is going on in life and business and know what to do, You will do it well!

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