SoftwareGuild by Eric Wise

The Software Guild is an intensive, fast-paced apprenticeship program where you learn to be a software developer. In this full-time, 12-week course, you will learn either .NET/C# or Java and acquire the skills needed for entry-level developer positions. The course, which includes face-to-face lectures, hands-on experience and labs, enables you to build a strong portfolio to aid in your job search. What is important to our apprentices looking for their first job is having a skill set that is widely attractive to employers. For this reason, we offer learning programs in both .NET/C# and Java. These two stacks are stable, proven, and in the highest demand in the enterprise.

About Eric Wise

I am the President and founder of the The Software Guild in Akron, OH.

As a technology leader, I have managed developer, database, and QA professionals. As a skilled architect, I have designed and implemented many complex systems, including an insurance system which covered all facets of the business from sales to policy servicing and claims processing. Additionally I have provided leadership and advisory services in cross functional initiatives including product strategy, process improvement, and resource planning.

At the Software Craftsmanship Guild our cohorts allow apprentices to experience the practical application behind taking a modern application from start to finish under the guidance of mentors. Throughout the process they not only receive feedback from the mentorship staff, but also the regional community at large due to the Guild’s relationship with individuals working in the field who volunteer their time to the cohort. All of this serves not only to set a quality standard for their careers, but also accelerate their learning.