Pyramid of Potential Academy by Kathy Johnson

Progressive steps toward success and independence for people of all ages

About Kathy

Through working with her children and many clients to help overcome learning disabilities, Kathy was in the unique position to develop the Pyramid of Potential system for overcoming symptoms related to school struggles, and has been working with people from the age 6 to 70 since the year 2000. She started and directed a small private school in which the children completed their trainings and therapies during the school day while also completing their required school work. Currently, Kathy trains parents and professionals how to improve brain functioning through webinars, professional development workshops.

Kathy Johnson is professionally trained in the following:

Therapeutic Listening by Sheila Frick

Primitive Reflexes by Samuel A. Berne

Brain Gym 101

Irlen Screening Certification

PACE Cognitive Enhancement Program by Learning Rx

Phono-Graphix Reading Instructional Program by Read America

Introduction to Rhythmic Movement Training