Personal Branding For Introverts by Mihaela Radulescu

Here is a bold statement from the instructor of this Premium course, from the very beginning about what this course is and what is not: this course enables you to create a professional identity that will help you earn more money on your current professional expertise. It is not about strengthening your positioning among your close circle or friends and fans, but about carving a voice and a distinct reputation in your professional field. Whatever it is. You’ll be able to benefit from:

• Clear understanding of your key assets as a rather introvert in order to be sustainable and credible: self-awareness in a smoothly guided manner. • The right questioning in order to get to the essence of you and a splendidly simple tool to put this essence in the best words for a relevant positioning; • Clear to do list for laying the foundation of your brand – a first capital step to take right: tools to establish Descriptor, Personal Statement and Personal Manifesto; • An actionable checklist of how to design your own personal visual identity kit, starting with your logo. Yes, your own logo! • Dos and don'ts when going out to network, present or sell anything; • An honest checklist of solutions when speaking in public to avoid stress; • A list of dos and don’ts (with simple and mostly ignored rules) when creating and managing an online profile on all platforms. • A set of downloadable resources with lifetime access

This course is for you if you are: • Young people at the beginning of their career and students who want to get an edge when applying for internships, • Freelancers, • Entrepreneurs, • Executives in downshifting or in search for a new professional challenge.