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How to Make a Decorative Shelf for a Baby's Nursery
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  1. Measure the wood pieces to fit the inside width of the tray. We made 3 shelves and spaced them evenly apart. We added little more room at the top for taller objects on the first shelf.

  2. Use an electric saw to cut and sand down each to fit perfectly inside the tray based on where you want them to be located.

  3. Use craft bond glue to secure the shelves inside the tray. Once it’s in place, let it dry overnight.

  4. Now, drill 2 holes evenly from each other on the top of the tray to create the holes that the tray will hang from.

  5. Fold rope in half and loop it through a gold ring. Insert the rope into the holes and tie a knot to secure it.

  6. Hang the shelf in your desired spot. And, finally, decorate the shelf with all your keepsakes.

  • Baby's Nursery
  • Decorative Shelf

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