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Lesson 1
Ideation & Strategising
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Ninja Academy is a 12 chapter Inbound Marketing Crash Course that is created by marketers for marketers. It covers the secrets that helped founders of NinjaOutreach to grow the brand from scratch to thousands of users.

The course covers 4 main parts of every business grow stages - Creation, Growth, Optimization and Scale.

Here is the Course Content.

Lesson 1. Ideation & Strategising

Lesson 2. Content Creation

Lesson 3. Influencer Marketing

Lesson 4. Email Marketing

Lesson 5. Outreach Marketing

Lesson 6. Podcast & Press Marketing

Lesson 7. Link Building

Lesson 8. Tracking & Analytics

Lesson 9. Conversion Rate Optimization

Lesson 10. Processes & Management

Lesson 11. Tools

Lesson 12. Hiring

This course provides the general access to the course video and text content. If you wish to get an extra training, please, visit this page

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Build Your Business Through Inbound Marketing

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