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Blogging for business ­ learn how to write blogs that generate leads and sales ­ learn professional modern blog and article writing techniques

Do You Want To Learn How To Write Blogs Or Articles That Drive Specific Marketing


But don't know where to start?

If you understand the AIDA principles of copywriting...

...And if you know how to balance traditional copywriting skills with solid SEO techniques...

...Then getting people to engage with your writing will be much much easier.

Copywriting In The Digital Age:

A lot of copywriting courses focus on sales copy.

Or they focus on SEO (search engine optimisation).

In this course we balance the two needs together, so that you can write great sales copy

and also perform well when it comes to getting found in search.

AIDA Copywriting:

We will show you how to apply the time honored process of using the AIDA copywriting

techniques and apply them to blog writing and article writing.

Once you understand the ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE and ACTION phases of

writing good content, the improvement to your writing will be dramatic.

Targeting A Niche Audience:

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when writing marketing material, is that they

do not target a niche audience.

In this course we will guide you through that process and explain how you write to “BOB",

your target client.

Balancing Copy With Keyword Research:

An important aspect of modern copywriting is balancing traditional copywriting skills with

SEO needs.

In this course we will take you through that process and show you some simple techniques

for researching keywords and keyword phrases you can use in your blogs or articles.

Topics Covered In The Course:

● Content marketing principles

● Blogs vs articles

● Identifying a niche audience

● Finding your style

● Preparation tips

● Page setup and flow

● Links and actions

● Additional content

● AIDA copywriting techniques

● Keyword research tools

● And much much more...

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