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Basic Networking Course. Part1
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This course describes the basic networking elements and how they are used in practice. The course covers: The evolution and principles of networking; The basic notions used in this domain; Types of equipment; Description and general information of basic networking protocols. The practical examples provide configuration commands, packet captures and a real feel of how to build a simple network. The course attendees will be encouraged to show their understanding by answering questions and debating the issues and solutions that they might have encountered when working with networks. Roadmap: History of telecommunications: evolution of the communication over long distances; Basic telecommunication notions: definitions and presentation of terms used in this domain; OSI and TCP/IP models: differences between the two models and their practical application; parallel between the two most common transport protocols TCP and UDP; MAC & VLAN Particularities: what MAC means, how it is used in switching, what broadcast MAC and multicast MAC mean; STP: how to prevent loops into a network; ARP, RARP, InARP: how to discover devices from your network; ICMP: how to detect and report issues; DHCP: how to get an IP for a device; Routing Table: how to forward packets to different networks, and how to control the flows; Host Table and DNS: how to discover devices over Internet; VRRP: how to set a backup device for your critical forwarding router; IP Multicast & Anycast: how to transmit packets more efficiently.

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