Igor Shoifot by Igor Shoifot

Partner at TMT Investments, Chairman at Happy Farm Incubator, co-founder at Fotki, adjunct at Berkeley, UCSF, NYU

About Igor


... viral gardener of purely organic dreams (ran 12 startups)

  • co-founded and ran Fotki.com, the largest indi photo site (5-10M users, 2B photos)

  • ex CEO of Microsoft WebTV's largest portal, EpsylonGames (6% of WebTV traffic)

  • launched profitable start-ups in games, education, VOD, VoIP and publishing

  • founded and sold "vInternship" to Manhattan Institute.

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... loving dream-catcher and idealistic dispatcher (adviser and investor)

investor in such dashing startups as Ninua, rollApp, PeekYou, Wanelo, Tracks, Gild, Socialize, 1-Page, Undrip, HotList, Wrike, Backblaze, UsingMiles, etc. advised such rising stars and budding flowers as Depositphotos, LiveExpert, StartupMonthly, Kuznech, etc. consulted numerous investors: Fidelity Investments, DE Shaw, Advent, Norwest Venture Partners, etc.

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... eternal student of literary and visual arts

interviews and articles in The Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, San Francisco Examiner and many other publications. a frequent Internet industry panelist, moderator, lecturer and mentor (HappyFarm Incubator, BizSessions, SVOD, TEC Global, Stanford's Recreating Silicon Valley, DeepDive, StartupMonthly, FastForward, Cisco Institute, Parisoma, Funders and Founders, Social Discovery Conf, etc.), photographer, writer on business and technology, an actor, author of novels on life's creative surprises.

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... and, naturally, a cool company for a cup of philosophical tea

armed to the virtual teeth with a PhD, MBA and MA degrees, Igor taught graduate and undergraduate courses at UC Berkeley, New York University, UCSF and other schools, and lectured at Stanford on viral marketing, entrepreneurship and e-business.