Human Potential Project Online by Chris Majer

Our mission is very simple. We intend to revolutionize the practice of management!

Central to our work is the belief that the world does not exist as a permanent fixed reality. We human beings are not merely passive observers. We are intentional players, inventors, designers, and creators of our world. And to accomplish anything, we depend on everyday coordination with others. This is where HP2 makes its mark.

About Us

It's a whole new world and in this new world the old ways of leading, managing, and learning won't produce the competence you need to ensure the future of your business.


Chris Majer is the founder and CEO of the Human Potential Project Online (HP2Online) and the designer of all of our programs. He is a modern day entrepreneur, innovator, and adventurer who has trekked the wilds of Africa, Alaska, and the Amazon. He is a Rugby player with a Master Degree who has taught hand-to-hand combat to Marines, performance principles to the Special Forces, and leadership, management, strategy and innovation to the corporate world.

Chris’ work evolved out of his early days as a competitive rugby player. In 1981 he began by working exclusively with athletes to isolate and reproduce the elements of consistent winning performance. His success with individual athletes and teams caught the attention of the military and he and his firm spent nearly three years working with the Army to design new ways of training soldiers. This work culminated in a year long classified project with the Army’s Special Forces.

In the mid 80s the firm began working with corporate clients, again generating remarkable results. Under Chris’ leadership, the firm grew into a skilled team of professionals working globally. Chris was the principal architect of transformational projects for corporate clients such as AT&T, Cargill, Microsoft, Intel, EDS, Capital One, Amgen, and Allianz Life of North America.

Chris has spent over two decades developing innovative and highly effective approaches for enabling individuals and organizations of any size to maximize their performance. Now he has distilled all of this experience into a series of programs for a select consumer audience.

He is the author of 20 white papers and The Power to Transform – Passion, Power, and Purpose in Daily Life, which was published by Rodale.

Chris earned a MPA in Organizational Development from the University of Washington. He also studied extensively with philosopher Dr. Fernando Flores, known for his work on the ontology of language. In addition he has been an Aikido student and spent time with various martial arts teachers, Buddhist Monks, Zen Masters and a host of other practitioners.

He has been featured in Time, People, Mens Health, and Esquire and has appeared on the Today Show, Charlie Rose, and the MacNeil/Lehrer Report. Chris has also been a keynote speaker at venues around the world.