Human Potential Project Online by Chris Majer

Our mission is very simple. We intend to revolutionize the practice of management!

Central to our work is the belief that the world does not exist as a permanent fixed reality. We human beings are not merely passive observers. We are intentional players, inventors, designers, and creators of our world. And to accomplish anything, we depend on everyday coordination with others. This is where HP2 makes its mark.

Silent Killers of Productivity

We are facing a new world that calls for new approaches to generating competitive advantage. Unfortunately contemporary management theory and practices have ill prepared us for our current reality. The business world today is structured like a rowing shell … rigid, straight and inflexible. It is the perfect craft for moving quickly across smooth waters. We invite you to join us in inventing a set of competitive advantages that eliminate the silent killers that are sapping our productivity and create with us a new business world. For most companies, the calm, the smooth waters of Lake Placid have quickly turned into the raging waters of the Colorado River. Our rowing shell has no hope in these waters. We need a flexible, agile craft that can adapt to the moment and that is crewed by people who can adjust quickly, innovate, and not get overwhelmed by the raging waters. That is why the people who run the Colorado River do it in flexible rubber rafts, not rowing shells. Twenty-five years of working with companies around the world has taught us what it takes to change an organizational culture. The business world is making tectonic shifts, and if leaders continue to meet these changes with puny responses, our country will have no hope of remaining the world’s leading economy. At the Human Potential Project we design and deliver developmental programs that guarantee a 10-fold return on your investment. Our results speak for themselves. We look forward to helping you design and deliver your new future.