Human Potential Project Online by Chris Majer

Our mission is very simple. We intend to revolutionize the practice of management!

Central to our work is the belief that the world does not exist as a permanent fixed reality. We human beings are not merely passive observers. We are intentional players, inventors, designers, and creators of our world. And to accomplish anything, we depend on everyday coordination with others. This is where HP2 makes its mark.

Learning in a New World

It is time to revolutionize the way that we approach learning in the business world. For too long we have settled for dispensing tips, techniques, information and motivational pabulum. If we are going to be the worlds’ source of innovation and rebuild our economy then we need to completely overhaul the standard practices for learning. The fundamental role of a leader is to be the architect of the future for his organization. There is no future without authentic learning. It’s a whole new world out there and if we are going to claim our place in it we need to reinvent everything. We need new practices for leadership, management, teamwork, innovation, strategic thinking, and mobilization. Authentic learning must be seen as the development of new competence, a new capacity for action. The only thing that matters is what you can do on the job. In a world where performance is the driver of your company’s future, it just doesn’t make sense to believe that we can reshape our companies with one day seminars. At the Human Potential Project we design and deliver developmental programs that guarantee a 10-fold return on your investment. Our results speak for themselves. We look forward to helping you design and deliver your new future.