Human Potential Project Online by Chris Majer

Our mission is very simple. We intend to revolutionize the practice of management!

Central to our work is the belief that the world does not exist as a permanent fixed reality. We human beings are not merely passive observers. We are intentional players, inventors, designers, and creators of our world. And to accomplish anything, we depend on everyday coordination with others. This is where HP2 makes its mark.

Where Have All the Leaders Gone.Transforming Workforce Performance

In almost every sector of society, we are facing a crisis of leadership. This cry is heard in newspapers, magazines, TV debates and at dinner tables across the nation. The need for leadership has become crucial. When we compare our country’s economic performance with that of countries like China and Germany, it’s clear that we have been losing ground …over the last 10 years; our competitors have been doing better. We all recognize that organizations need strong leaders – People who can shape a vision of what is possible. Over the past few years, the ever-increasing pressure on companies to become more competitive has placed the spotlight on leadership. Thousands of books and articles have been written on the topic, and leadership training courses continue to proliferate. This tells us that no one has a consistent, coherent means to develop leaders. We propose taking a fresh look at leadership by addressing the issue of how leadership is generated (i.e., how it is produced and what competencies are needed to produce it) and how leadership can be viewed as an area of design and learning, which is the only way we’ll produce the leaders needed to transform our companies and current economy. At the Human Potential Project we design and deliver developmental programs that guarantee a 10-fold return on your investment. Our results speak for themselves.