Gurasis Singh by Gurasis Singh


I'm Gurasis Anand — a designer & developer living in Mohali, India.

About Gurasis Anand

Hi, I have been a Designer and Developer since 2012. The vision for my company PlexStreet has been evolving since 2012. I started working on my own Design studio - "PlexStreet Studio." in 2014. Launched PlexStreet Academy in April 2015

Since early age, I have been exposed to music, arts and sports. During my schooling days I played every musical instrument I could get my hands on, whether it be Sitar or Guitar, Tabla, keyboard and many more, even if there would be no one to teach me. I learned guitar on my own, I joined every sport there was to play and had fun making art. I was a curious boy.

I was also very keen on breaking things apart and learn how they work from the inside. I have broken many toy cars, FM radios, HDD etc. and hacked them into something new.

Then I grew up and this interest in knowing how things work led to more research and Google has been a loyal partner in that. I have invested hundreds of hours learning stuff of my interest and one thing led to another, then I came across something called MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. These were courses posted online by top universities of the world for free to the masses, And that changed everything. I had access to world class education for free in the comfort of my home, the next year I spent taking every course I can on topics I was totally into, topics like Computer science, Design, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Aerodynamics, Robotics etc..etc. It was a complete mind-blow.

I also have huge love with learning new languages. I am fluent in 4 languages which by definition makes me a polyglot, and also have basic conversational level proficiency in 5 more.

In the past one year I've spent my time on putting that gained knowledge to use and came across a lot of new stuff.

Now I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years with the world and teach things I have learned by spending years learning about and making mistakes, breaking and making stuff, and walking on my own made path.

My life has been amazing, and I intend to make yours too.