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Focus On Retention
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A lot of businesses are so focused on how to get a NEW customer they forget about the ones they already have. It doesn't matter how many new clients you have if after 6 months most of them are not even staying with you. It was a huge eye opener for me a few weeks ago when I was attending the Millennium Experience (A salon Software Conference) I heard Millennium Founder and CEO John Harms Speak about client retention. He showed a report called the MA210 that gives you your retention % for clients over a chosen period of time. This was very interesting to me so when I got home I looked at that report for my salon. The Report told me that after 6 visits I have a 12% retention rate. Even though that is still above average it's crazy to see that number so low. This report goes to show that the challenge with the salon industry is not getting the NEW guests it's keeping them.

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