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Lesson 1
The Strategic Development of Talent 1: Creating a Strategic Development Plan (Includes Simulation)
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The strategic development of talent is not merely concerned with organizing one-shot training events or rapid-fire training when something breaks down. Instead, it is a commitment to learning that should pervade the entire organization. By establishing real rewards--and penalties--you can create a deep commitment to development. A manager who merely gives lip service to development should not be rewarded. But neither should workers who nod in agreement about development plans just to get management off their backs. Ultimately you are creating an organizational climate that fosters learning and initiative. That atmosphere in turn drives business results.

This course carries the following professional education credits: 0.1 CEUs. For more information on accreditation bodies, please visit

Course duration: 35 min

  • Strategic
  • Development
  • Talent
  • Strategic Development Plan

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