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Client Relationship Management 3: Managing Interaction-Based Causes for Project Failure (Includes Simulation)
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A failed project has dire consequences including destroyed careers, damaged trust, and broken relationships. There are several causes for a project failure. These causes can be due to poor technical performance or poor service performance. Technical aspects of a project are explicit deliverables — things like reports, budgets, directories, and tangible products. These technical aspects are easier to pinpoint and measure. Whereas, the implicit aspects of service performance — things like communication style, professionalism, managing expectations and perceptions — can be far more challenging to pinpoint or define. Regardless of the type, managing and avoiding these failures are crucial to sustained business and positive relationships.

You will learn the five major causes for project failure and the proven strategies to prevent these failures from the expert: David A. Po-Chedley, author of the renowned business book Client Relationship Management from HRD Press.

Course duration: 35 min

  • Client Relationship Management
  • project
  • career
  • relationship
  • David A. Po-Chedley

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