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Lesson 1
Wellness: Nutrition
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Why is our population so diseased? Why do employees lack motivation and energy? Why can't our kids focus in school? Why is America losing its leadership edge in the world? What if there were a single underlying reason that answered all these questions? As you may have guessed, there is•poor nutrition.

This course is based on The Complete Guide to Wellness by two wellness experts, Richard Bellingham, Ed.D. and Barry Cohen, Ph.D., and published in 2001 by HRD Press. Their book is a culmination of over 20 years of experience in hospitals, wellness centers, and corporations, helping people live healthier, more innovative, and more productive lives. Bellingham and Cohen's approach to wellness is based on the belief that the human being is a system that requires a systematic approach for real change.

This course is intended for any employee in an organization who seeks a healthier way of living, learning, and working. Wellness: Introduction and Self-Assessment is a prerequisite.

  • Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • diseased
  • motivation
  • energy
  • leadership
  • underlying
  • Richard Bellingham
  • Ed.D.
  • Barry Cohen
  • Ph.D
  • HRD Press

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