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Winning with People at Work 1: Mastering Concepts for Getting Results (Includes Simulation)
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As a manager you must never expect less than the best and inspect to make sure you get it. There are some people who never seem to get less than the best and maybe it is because they adopt the best management approach and know how to put it to work.

Woodrow H. Sears in his book, The New Manager's Primer: Winning with People at Work from HRD Press, recommends an effective management practice and some crucial skills for new managers. In this course, you will get introduced to an effective management approach and learn some practical guidelines to put the management approach to practice. You will also learn some crucial skills to build an effective group.

This course is intended for managers, supervisors, and team leaders in any type of company.

  • Winning
  • People at Work
  • Getting Results

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