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The importance of smartphones and tablets in our lives have become undeniable. These days accessing information on these devices have become even easier, with there being an app for everything. From notes to recipes to even online shopping – there is nothing an app cannot solve.

However, creating apps and responsive websites that will function exceptionally on almost all devices – no matter how large or small – has become a tedious task for developers everywhere. Constantly having to code the same in many different languages takes away from the seamlessness of the website, making it slightly different on each platform.

This is where jQuery Mobile comes in.

Developed by The jQuery Project, jQuery Mobile was created to eliminate the need for coding in different languages for different devices, instead focusing on designing responsive websites or apps that work well on all devices.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that focuses on creating compatible apps and webpages for a variety of smartphones and tablets, irrespective of the operating system running on the device.

This little software has been making huge splashes in the world of web development, making it easier for coders and programmers to focus on creating unique and interesting websites and applications, instead of monotonous coding.

Now’s your chance to play in the big leagues. This course is your salvation to making brilliant responsive websites and apps. Our course has been meticulously designed to help you master jQuery mobile – a front end API that determines how the website or app will look to the viewers.

The course is designed for beginners and will cover everything from basic jQuery concepts to more complex technologies, including using a back-end framework with jQuery. The hands-on jQuery mobile tutorial will teach you the most flexible front-end framework that can help you design mobile-friendly and seamless websites.

In addition to learning the basics, the course will also teach you how to use the brand new Themeroller for Mobile for jQuery. It is a customizer for mobileScratch apps that allows developers to easily create a custom theme by simply dragging and dropping colors. You will also use everything you’ve learned to even build your very own project using jQuery Mobile.

In this course, you will learn:

Basic jQuery, how to use jQuery, HTML 5 doc types, jQuery in tandem with mobile browsers

• jQuery Mobile styling, navigation and transitions such as implementing navigation, buttons, external links

• jQuery lists and buttons (list basics, dynamic lists, styling in lists, adding Images in lists, adding icons to button, etc.)

• Forms (how to use forms, different keyboard layouts, using AJAX with jQuery, Checkboxes, etc.)

• Layouts in jQuery Mobile, how to create/use event handlers

• Design a fully functional jQuery Mobile project

With so much potential, jQuery is the only thing that stands between you and your dream of becoming a multi-platform professional developer. Enroll now and we’ll make a developer out of you yet!

  • jQuery
  • Scratch
  • The jQuery Project
  • jQuery Mobile
  • JavaScript
  • software
  • Basic jQuery
  • use jQuery
  • HTML 5
  • AJAX
  • Checkboxes

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