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What is micro-learning?

The rapidly growing online education industry faces a number of hurdles, like the fact that most students do not complete online courses with about 90% of courses remaining incomplete.

We know what the problem is: courses are too long!

It is true that traditional online courses provide vast amounts of knowledge. However, only the author gets to decide what is included in the course.

Can there be a more flexible approach to e-learning where the user can decide to learn exactly what he or she is interested in and be able to easily navigate through the wide variety of offered knowledge?

We are not talking about a service that is slightly better than what we already have. We are talking about a new micro-course format that provides previously unavailable opportunities for both students and authors.

Benefits for Students:

1. Quick learning.

A micro-course is a knowledge unit that can be digested in less than an hour. Each micro-course consists of micro-lessons that last no longer than several minutes long. Shorter lessons mean users are more likely to stay focused for the entire lesson, and they can learn at maximum efficiency. Users know in advance that each lesson won’t take more than those several minutes and can more easily dedicate those short periods of time to learning something new. At the same time, course completion, and the satisfaction that comes with it, is reached faster, which keeps them motivated to learn more.

2. Drill down.

Each lesson in a micro-course can link to another micro-course, which details that lesson’s topic. It’s like @mentions in Twitter. The lessons in each micro-course can also be detailed. As such, a person can study any topic as deeply as he or she wants or needs to. The author’s micro-courses can be supplemented with other author’s courses depending on their account settings.

3. Micro-courses upon request.

Our model features interest-driven learning and request-driven teaching. Whenever a micro-course is missing on some topic or there is no extension to a lesson a person is interested in, they can request a course be made. Authors can see statistics on what people are looking for, and then produce micro-courses on the topics that are in demand.

4. Combination of free and inexpensive content.

Each micro-course is either free or is much cheaper than ordinary online courses. Users pay only for the knowledge they need. At the same time, in case a micro-course is not what they were looking for, there is a shorter turnaround at a much lower expenditure of money.


1. Quick and free process of training content creation.

Micro-course can be created anywhere and at any time so long as you have a phone with Coursmos installed. Lessons can be recorded with additional materials and tests added, and that’s it! Afterwards, uploaded micro-courses are available both through web and mobile applications. Course-creation costs are next to nothing. It’s like Instagram for making online courses!

2. Program education to people’s preferences.

Authors can see what students are interested from statistics based on requests. They can then decide what micro-course to create next.

3. Up to date.

Authors can easily update micro-courses according to the latest trends and in response to the audience feedback. Micro-courses are flexible, and, because they are incredibly simple to create and edit, they can be adjusted with minimal efforts.

4. A flexible monetization model.

Limitless possibilities to earn by creating courses:

– free basic micro-courses with paid extensions;

– micro-courses with free first lesson and paid full version;

– free micro-courses with paid additional materials;

– micro-course packages with discounts;

– any combination of the above mentioned.

5. Оrganic growth of a сorporate knowledge base.

Organizations can create their internal knowledge trees that can be edited by any employee. It’s well known that the majority of knowledge in companies is transferred personally from one to another. With micro-courses all that information can be aggregated, structured, and stored. As such, Coursmos can be an efficient tool for internal education.

The micro-course format makes knowledge transfer from person to person incredibly easy. We are convinced that in much the same way as Twitter revealed a new mode of communication, Coursmos will turn over a new leaf in online education.

Please feel free to leave comments, and ask questions. We would be happy to answer them.

Sincerely yours,


co-founder and CMO of Coursmos.