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What Education Courses Are In-Demand Today

We live in a challenging time where education is the key to better opportunities in a job market that makes it difficult for young adults to find jobs. Now more than ever it is important to understand both what is available in education and to choose the educational path that will provide the best results. There are four areas that are perfectly suited to younger adults looking to get their foot in the door for high demand jobs.

Copy Writing

With the growth of online marketing, businesses are clamoring to find people who can get their messages and stories out in front of potential customers. If you have the skills to put together emails and blog posts, you can make a good living writing content for businesses of all sizes. Copy writers can work in-house, meaning at the businesses they work for, or as freelance writers. Copy writers can make anywhere from minimum wage to $100,000 a year once they have developed a portfolio and the skills to do a variety of projects including sales letters, email campaigns, Web page content and blogging. While blogging has become easier as the Web has matured, copy writers, especially those who want the flexibility to freelance from anywhere in the world, need to have skills beyond the simple drafting of content. They need to know how to manage that content, which makes courses like Dealing with Content and Creating Valuable Content important steps in giving learners an edge over the competition.

Web Design and Development

In addition to copy writing, or as an additional tool for career advancement, Web design and development is also a high demand area of education that provides learners with an opportunity to land jobs in-house or work as a freelancer. Web design and development allows a person to create the online presence for businesses and organizations. In many cases, it is as simple as knowing the basics of the most popular Web building platform, WordPress. Classes that teach the basics of WordPress are critical for anyone who wants to put a message out on the Web. In some cases, it can seem overwhelming to try to learn the computer code to build top-notch websites, but classes such as Ultimate Web Design Building and Styling HTML forms with CSS and WordPress Plugin Basics make the complicated elements of Web design easy to understand.


Marketing involves both online and traditional activities to boost sales and exposure for businesses and organizations. Online marketing is great for young adults who are already comfortable with the Web and social media exposure. There is actually some science behind the way things go viral, even if it seems like it has to do a lot with luck. That is why courses such as the 101 Viral Marketing Tools are so in demand. If you understand the basics and can dependably get your messages and the content of others to go viral, you can become a more valuable member of any business or organization. It is an edge that can provide opportunities for better jobs that also have higher pay.


Some of the biggest and most successful companies have been founded while the economy was down. Today it is easier for young adults to start businesses thanks to the Internet and other technology that gives younger people an edge over those who are older and slower to adopt new ideas and approaches. The ways to find funding for a new business have changed as well, making it important to network and understand the roles others — including angel investors — could play in making an idea into a profitable reality. It is critical to understand the basics of a solid business model and plan that will allow you to present yourself to investors in the best possible light. Courses in business networking are more necessary now than ever before, regardless of whether you are looking to land a job at an established company or start one of your own.

Today, education is not simply a good idea, it is a necessity for anyone out in the workforce. It does not matter whether you are hoping to land a dream job or to create something of your own. Education does not stop when you walk out the doors of a school. We live in a culture that requires people to be life-long learners to stay competitive. Education does not have to be expensive. Learning opportunities exist everywhere, it is up to you to take the opportunities and turn them into positive results.