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You can help millions of children to “Step to their dream”!

Nowadays progress is ultimate – it improves technologies, makes our life better, but at the same time it does not care about lots of people who can’t “afford” a modern life, and many of them are children. It’s not kids’ fault that they were born in 3rd world countries, they can’t be blamed for the life they have. Together we can help, and this is unique charity program – it’s not about money, funds, donations, etc. First off, let’s enjoy a moment and think about the good life we live and how we should be proud and thankful for living in a developed countries. I’m not talking about “people” – I’m talking about you and me. I bet we both have things to appreciate and to be thankful for. And now think of millions of people who can’t even imagine the life you have, their chances to get this life are also minimal.

We are not going to collect donations or tell the world scary stories about bad life conditions. We can help, because we really can, and this is our duty. We are Coursmos – modern micro-education platform offering easy knowledge gaining method: 1 exact topic, 5-7 lessons, less than 20 minutes in total – that’s how anyone can learn something new in no time. We are focused on practical knowledge – that is the key to success. You have a question or a problem – we have an answer or a solution. At the moment, we offer more than 10,000 courses within 20 categories – from business and science, and up to cooking, sports and lifestyle. However, this is not enough to change the world, and we really want to stay on the front-line of this fight with our new charity program called “Step to your dream”!

Long story short, how can we help kids to make one step closer to their dreams and grow into successful, passionate and responsible people? Coursmos is the answer – it is a platform that unites both specialists from different niches and people who are “thirsty” for knowledge. Our new Request-feature allows requesting the courses you want from specific authors and whole community, thus making these courses actual, practical and valuable!

Within the “Step to your dream” program, we ask kids 2 simple questions:

What is your dream?

What do you want to learn to go on for your dream?

Based on a sincere and simple desire of children from around the world, we create free exciting courses and open the way to unlimited knowledge. We should inspire them together and let them come closer to their dreams!

If you are good at something – show it to the world. Create your own micro-course and share your knowledge – just imagine there’s someone who dreams about doing what you do. We don’t ask for money or any other donations, all we ask is practical knowledge that you can share. Let’s make this world a better place!