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New Coursmos Platform is Live

Coursmos is excited to announce a new, universal and profitable solution for sharing and monetizing knowledge online. Suitable for instructors, training businesses, universities and corporate education, the platform is flexible and includes features that allow users access to tools necessary for creating custom educational platforms and expanding their online business.

Coursmos has reached the following milestones:

  • 8,500 online educational platforms
  • 35,000 online courses in 20 categories
  • 24X more courses in comparison to 2015
  • 1.5+ million students in the database

Coursmos official mission is to make the life of every person better by accumulating the most valuable knowledge in the world on one platform where people can easily and efficiently share information with one another.

Earlier, Coursmos positioned itself as a micro-education platform and, with the latest version, Coursmos pivoted into an all-in-one-platform for online education businesses.

The new platform includes the following features and functionality:

  • A variety of online course formats: video, audio, presentations, files, etc.
  • Webinars and private consultations
  • Integration with offline events and ticket sales
  • Tests and certificates for lessons and courses
  • Certificates and paid certificate options
  • Ratings and comments
  • Analytics for clients and students
  • Options to create open and closed educational platforms
  • Advanced monetization system for platforms
  • Student database with import from social networks and files
  • Built-in messaging system for educators and students
  • Calendar and external calendar integration
  • Notification system: messages, email, push-notifications
  • Localization in the following languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish

The new Coursmos platform is free for everyone wanting to create an educational platform and monetize knowledge by selling online courses and educational content.

> Registration is quick and creating a new platform takes only a minute. Simplify teaching now!

With widespread growth in corporate education and training businesses, Coursmos has even developed custom products to improve business such as:

  1. White-label platform
  2. “Coursmos for Business” course package
  3. Paid student acquisition to clients’ platforms
  4. Custom online course creation

Within the first quarter of 2016, Coursmos will finish the following features and integrations: Stanford University platform certification, Amazon partnership program, platform gamification, e-book integration, skill track features, assessments, Facebook app integration, landing page builder for clients and even more!

Here are a few examples of new Coursmos platforms:

There are two driving conditions behind Coursmos. The first is that we’ve noticed that the MOOC-platform and LMS-solutions market is getting old and, despite fast growth on the rise, the actual online education market movement is slowing down. Second, because the online education market is young and appealing for investors, every year many niched and locally focused projects are created leaving no consolidation of critical mass in the online education market.

Because of these two conditions, we believe that it is time for a new leader in online education – Coursmos – that will provide users with a fully-functional platform suitable for teachers, training businesses, universities and schools, corporate employees, etc.

In other words, we believe in market consolidation beyond merging and acquiring companies but, instead, on the level of inspiring people to transfer their knowledge to one common place online to share with the world while earning a profit.