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ELearning Solutions go Mobile

Mobile device users are already going to their smartphones and tablets for much of their reading, entertainment and work. Now, education is embracing mobile as eLearning solutions adapt to the platform.

The benefits of eLearning have already been widely noted, and companies are now using the tools to train employees. IT Web recently cited Kirsty Chadwick, founder of The Training Room Online, regarding theadvantages of this strategy.

“ELearning completely eliminates geographical challenges, while minimizing time spent away from the job at hand, not to mention the saving on overheads,” Chadwick said, according to the news source. She went on to note that the eLearning market has grown by 900 percent in the years since 2000 and predicted half of all classes will take place digitally by 2019.

Given the popularity of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, the adaptation of eLearning for the mobile workplace seems natural. IT Web noted that mobile learning makes employee training more portable and cost-effective, which can help firms bring on the new staff they need with greater speed and efficiency.

Statistics suggest that companies are catching on. A report by Ambient Insight revealed that the North American mobile learning products market became a $1.4 billion industry in 2012, and with a compound annual growth rate of 7.6 percent, that figure is set to reach $2.1 billion by 2017.

Coursmos brings eLearning to the smartphone generation

Furthermore, eLearning solutions providers are becoming more creative in developing mobile content for a generation of users who are often tuned into their devices for relatively brief periods of time while on the go.

Tech Crunch recently reported that Russian startup Coursmos is set to release an eLearning app for iOS that provides courses broken down into digestible video lessons mere minutes in length. The company’s co-founder, Pavel Dmitriev, wants to avoid intimidating learners who might find lessons an hour or half-hour in length to be a larger time commitment than they’re able to make, the news source wrote.

Coursmos, which is already available for iPhone and will soon be ready for Android, relies on user-generated content and allows learners to flag the best-quality lessons they encounter so that the app can organize material by user approval. However, despite the innovative framework, most of the course categories in the app currently have no lessons in them, Tech Crunch noted.

The success of the venture remains to be seen, but with the mobile learning market poised to grow, it stands to reason that innovative solutions like Coursmos will gain traction.