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5 Steps to Your Success & Happiness at Work

Our work is a place where we spend most of our time and, feeling happy at works means just as much about feeling happy at home. However, stress at work is unavoidable for all of us. Since stress is not the best friend of success and happiness, it can easily reduce our effectiveness and potentially threaten or ruin our careers.

There is good news, though! Stress can be avoided and success can be stimulated. It’s really not as hard as it may seem. The five steps below will teach you how to focus on the positive and more important things at work. With these steps, you will quickly see how good you are at what you do and, as a result, your relationships with your coworkers will improve in no time!

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Are you ready to begin? These five quick and simple steps will help you see the good in yourself and your colleagues rather than focusing on the competition, stress and uncertainty, all of which only serve to breed sadness and failure.

1. Focus on your strong sides. Long story short, find what you are good at and do it. Maybe you are not the best public speaker at meetings or perhaps you can’t find the best solution in minutes but, when you sit down, relax and work at your own pace, you get the job done perfectly and effectively. We can’t be good at everything. Don’t let your little failures or insecurities ruin your greatest achievements.

2. Practice step-by-step scenarios. It’s all about setting the right goals. Long-term goals take a lot more time to measure success, but it’s important to remember that success can’t be measured by blaming yourself for doing something wrong. To avoid this mindset, set short-term goals and achieve “big things” by completing small steps. By doing this, you can measure your success all the time as you complete one small goal after another. Later, you’ll see the big picture and will be amazed at all you’ve accomplished! Trust me!

3. Find the positive in your colleagues, avoid the negative. If you feel strong competition with some of your colleagues or are perhaps faced with a bully in the workplace, this doesn’t mean that you have to try harder to make sure your boss loves you. Instead, avoid confrontation and try to communicate with the colleagues whose work you admire and value. Don’t waste your time, strength or potential by fighting will colleagues. Go back to Step One again and focus what you are good at and let success raise you to greatness.

4. Help your colleagues. Mentoring and altruistic behavior creates lasting happiness at work. By helping others, you earn their respect while setting an example. When you need help, they are more likely to return the favor and help you. That is the perfect professional circle in the workplace.

5. Say “thank you” more. The ability to express gratitude is a very important part of the positive psychology in the workplace. Show thanks to coworkers who go the extra mile to help you. Not only will they feel happier and appreciated, you will earn respect while eliminating any feelings of ill-well or stress from the team. Recognizing others’ contributions to your success and the team will enforce a positive mindset among other coworkers as well.