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5 Must-Have Tools to Successfully Teach Online

Are you an online teacher or instructor? Are you planning to start your career as an educator?

Whether you are an experienced online instructor, an e-learning business with thousands of students or are a new author with a few screen-captured tutorials, educational content is your treasure. Why?

The cornerstone of educational content is its quality and, to make quality content, screen captures are simply not enough. In this article I will discuss five must-have tools that will help you create engaging and quality educational content from the standard online courses all the way to webinars, online discussions and more! Let’s get started!

Online Courses
Online Courses are the best known type of educational content since they are easy to follow and can be shared via various channels such as YouTube to even more specific online course platforms. This means that online course creation tools are some of the primary tools that authors use to create their educational content.

When looking for the perfect tool to create your online course, remember that you’ll be creating multiple video lessons for your course. A good tool should allow you to capture the video from your webcam as well as your computer screen and allow you to upload previously created video files in any quality. HD-video support is also a must-have feature.

Choose your tool wisely because online courses are #1 in online education.


Webinars are also popular tools in online education and are best utilized for live sessions. Of course, some instructors create webinars in advance and launch them live as online courses or video lessons but, that’s not exactly what we’re calling a webinar.

A webinar is a live tool that allows you to run a lecture or your course live online – in real time. Webinar tools should guarantee excellent streaming speed and allow plenty of virtual room for students to join and interact – this is the only combination for a successful webinar! Also, a good webinar tool should allow you to attach various educational materials to your live session such as PDF documents, presentations, images, etc. This gives students instant access to “papers” that better help them understand your topic.


Tests are an excellent addition to any webinar or online course as they allow your students and clients to measure what they’ve learned about your topic. Though people are often afraid of tests in high school and college, students and clients who use their hard-earned money to pay for your course often want to measure what they learned to see if they got their money’s worth. For instructors, tests are valuable because the students’ performance can reveal if the course is easy to understand, needs adjusting, etc. Therefore, tests are a win-win for everyone!


Certificates add value to your online course. People love certificates and, because of this, most online students and clients search for courses that offer certificates. Why? Certificates prove their successful completion of the course!

People also love to share and brag about their certificates on social media, which means that certificates can quickly become an awesome viral marketing tool to boost your education business! Make sure to add certificates to your courses and webinars. Remember that certificates should be earned and not presented to students and clients after they have successfully completed the course and test (even if the test is only a few questions).


Discussions are the last but certainly not the least in our list of must-have online teaching tools. Discussions are a great addition to online courses, webinars and more!

Discussions can add privacy that a webinar lacks as instructors can have live discussions with one or a few students after a more publicized webinar or online course. Because of this, discussions allow instructors to know their audience better in a setting that allows for question-and-answer where students are able to ask questions in a less formal setting.

These five must-have tools are crucial for a successful online teaching business and should be at the top of your search list for any education platform you are planning to use.

Here at Coursmos, we built our platform with instructors and students in mind. Search our site and you will find all of these tools and more on our new Open Education Platform. Check it out – it’s completely free!