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3 Key Tools to Manage & Grow Your Online Students

Every instructor or teacher with online courses is focused on ensuring their courses and materials provide clear and meaningful content to educate their students. It’s no big secret then, that online educators create these courses with their students’ needs in mind in order to attract more students to their virtual classrooms. Why not? The math is quite easy as more and more students are drawn to higher quality courses, which means a higher chance of success as an educator. Simple enough, right?

Let’s assume for a moment that you have the best possible online course – a course that everyone will love, watch and even buy right away. Regardless of how awesome it is, you still need online students, right?

In this article, I will highlight three key tools that will help you manage and grow your online students through your online education platform where you actively create, host, share and sell your courses. With high quality courses, easy management and an open dialogue with students, your online courses are sure to succeed! Let’s get started!

1. Student Database – is the key tool and a must-have for any successful online education platform. Student databases provide instructors with valuable insight on the number of students they have and whether they are active or inactive. This feature also provides basic information about every student from name and photo to contact information and more! This database is one of the first things instructors should always research and evaluate when choosing an online education platform (after the platform’s course creation tool, of course!).

2. Student Acquisition Tool – is the instrument to “deliver” students to your education platform. This tool allows instructors to promote their education platform through various outlets by importing students from a file and inviting them to the site (if an instructor already has a list of student emails, for example) or sharing your site via social networks, email templates, mobile channels and more! Rich-featured acquisition tools even allow instructors to acquire students on a pay-per-student basis by allowing the platform to build landing pages to drive students to your site on a fixed price, literally doing all the work for you!

3. Student Communication Tool – is the tool to engage your students and increase their loyalty. This tool allows instructors to effectively communicate with students on both an individual and group basis. The basic feature of this tool is direct messaging or emailing your students, which can be done right from the platform! Instructors can also send students specific courses or invitations to webinars, offline events and more! There is also a private communication feature – the consultation mode – that allows instructors to run a live consultation with a single student or a group of students to answer questions, create an open dialogue and share information.

Looking at these three “basic” student management tools, many instructors are quick to realize that perhaps these tools are not so basic after all. While the majority of online educational platforms do not offer these “basic” and must-have tools, Coursmos is proud to be the exception by offering these features and more on our Open Education Platform. Enjoy!