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Coursmos Now Offers 10,000 Micro-Courses!

We are proud to announce that we now have more than 10 thousand different micro-courses!

Coursmos has come a long way in just five months of delivering quality courses online. In this short time, the micro-learning platform has gone from offering its very first online course to offering more than 10,000 courses covering 20 different categories. This exciting, new learning format allows you to tackle a wide range of subjects in the privacy of your home or from the comfort of your office. Coursmos offers both free and premium courses, so your budget never has to get in the way of learning.

What Is Micro-Learning?

Coursmos is big on innovation. With Coursmos micro-learning, each course is in video-lesson format and lasts for no more than seven video lessons in total. This breaks down course content into more manageable chunks so you can learn without having to make a huge commitment of time. And speaking of time, the micro-learning setup makes it easier to manage that too. None of the short video courses lasts longer than 20 minutes.

What Can You Learn?

Since Coursmos offers 20 different micro-course categories, you can learn everything from how to land the job of your dreams or pitch a business idea to basic martial arts moves and the ins and outs of Forex trading. Categories include higher education, health and beauty, business, design, languages and many more. There are even micro-course categories for topics like spirituality, travel and cooking. Have a hobby or looking for a new one to pursue? Coursmos has a hobby and craft category as well. There is even a range of micro-courses for individuals interested in personal development.

Who Teaches Coursmos Courses?

The individuals who create Coursmos courses have varied backgrounds and expertise. They tend to be experts in their fields and typically provide the kind of subject matter insight that’s hard to get from traditional courses. You will find courses taught by scientists, lawyers, educators, financial professionals, celebrities, journalists, successful CEOs and more. Interested in a course taught by Dave McClure of 500 Startups or award-winning reporter Kym McNicholas? You’ll find it at Coursmos.

How to Get Started

Getting started with a Coursmos micro-course is easy. Just search through the list of featured courses or search by category. Then, sign up with your email or via Facebook to get started. It’s that simple. It’s personalized courses your way, on your schedule, with no time wasted on information that isn’t critical to your topic.

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