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Getting Ready For Super Reading
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SuperReading is a course which increases reading comprehension, accuracy, speed and retention. This comprehensive course covers everything from proper reading basics to advanced techniques. Our patented Eye-Hop exercises bring readers from reading one or two words per glance (fixation) to five to eight words! This is one of the reasons SuperReading is so effective for dyslexic readers. The course also includes study techniques like Mapping, Vocabulary and Spelling strategies, The Mental Game, Goals, How to Focus, How to Learn and more. We include ways to test yourself to measure your progress. This course is taught in more than two dozen universities and has been the subject of two studies published in educational journals. SuperReading has been taught at companies like Apple Computer, Sony, HP, IBM, Compaq, Cisco, Philips and many more. You are guaranteed to at least double your present reading abilities, taking into account speed, comprehension and retention.

You will learn various systems for remembering strings of numbers, lists, facts, scripts, speeches, presentations and more. Includes our Spaced Repetition study method and Info-Mapping technique.

Who would benefit? Anyone needing instant and accurate recall of account numbers, telephone numbers, coding, pin numbers, and all of the above.

Course Length: As long as you need, 24/7.

Whatever you need to remember, we have techniques to help.

Do you want to remember:

  • Lists? (groceries, longest rivers, procedures, etc.)

  • Numbers? (phone, credit card, insurance, etc.)

  • Names? (connect the name with the face)

  • Facts? (for exams, presentations, quizzes, etc.)

  • Speeches? (topics, quotes, statistics, facts, etc.)

  • Jokes? (beginning, middle bits, punch line)

Amazingly, these techniques are easy to learn and work brilliantly!

  • SuperReading
  • techniques
  • account numbers
  • telephone numbers
  • coding
  • pin numbers
  • Info-Mapping technique
  • Apple Computer
  • Sony
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Compaq
  • Cisco
  • Philips
  • account speed
  • educational journals

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