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In every sales organization, the top 5 percent of the sales force produces 50 percent of the results. This course shows you how they do it. The course provides a set of specific processes and best practices to enable the motivated sales person to excel at field sales. Over 3,065 sales people and 751 companies have benefitted from this program. Each of the 5 Percent Selling System lessons provides a lesson outline, a set of exercises, a suggested action plan, as well as the video lesson itself. Your career will never be the same.

  • Full Salesman
  • Salesman
  • sales organization
  • sales force
  • specific processes
  • best practices
  • sales people
  • motivated sales person
  • 5 Percent Selling System
  • suggested action plan

Образователен онлайн проект от водеща образователна платформа и най-престижните университети в света. Ексклузивен партньорски проект на територията на България от Coursmos (Калифорния, САЩ) и Escape Room Varna (Варна, България).

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