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Great products call out great growth drivers. All successful businesses are alike in that they know how to grow. Business becomes business when it attracts customers. It's actually ability to grow that makes a difference between successful and unsuccessful companies. In fact, only by courageously acquiring customers can you learn about their real needs and make your product competitive and attractive.

Learn these 10 growth techniques from Igor Shoifot, PhD, an entrepreneur who grew several companies from 0 to millions, an investor whose portfolio companies are valued at $1 billion. He taught these techniques for over a decade at UC Berkeley, UCSF, New York University and other leading schools. And beware that stories about 10 more growth tools are coming soon!

The course will be useful for those who are just beginning to work on their startup or those who already have a business, but maybe have just come to a plateau and do not know how to attract new partners or customers.

Each lesson focuses on one of the ways of developing your business and gives ideas from what kind of way to what type of business is most appropriate for you, giving practical recommendations based on the experience of a large number of companies.

Upon completion of the course you will get a complete picture of what method of business growth you need to try first and which way may suit your company later on.

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