Blake Commagere by Blake Commagere
About Blake Commagere

Blake is a growth expert, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and an advisor to several companies in the SF Bay Area. In his career, he has raised over $12 million in VC/Seed funding, started 7 companies, and sold 5 of them. He regularly gives talks on a wide variety of subjects including: Growth Hacking/Viral Marketing, Fundraising, and Building a Positive Culture.

He created the social gaming category by building some of the biggest apps ever (over 50 Million players) on Facebook, including the iconic games Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves. Blake wrote and designed the first version of Causes on Facebook, which has over 120 Million users and has raised over $80 million for various charities. Currently, Blake is the Founder & CEO of MediaSpike - a company that is building the first truly social applications for Virtual Reality.

Specialties: Growth, Entrepreneurship, Angel Investing, Venture Capital, Growth Hacking, Game Design, Psychology, Human Computer Interaction, Viral Marketing, Scalable Systems, User Experience Design, Platforms, Viral Loops.