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Falling Asleep
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This micro-course is absolutely necessary for all parents having babies. What to do to make your child asleep? When your baby starts to understand language? Why your child needs to move and observe the nature? Watch this video to learn how to take care of your baby.

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babystep.tv inspires parents by sharing the findings of extensive research in a simple, easy to access, and practical format.. Over the past hundred years, researchers have studied countless children all over the world and arrived at some startling discoveries. These discoveries allow parents to have more knowledge than ever about how to support their child’s development. babystep.tv aims to ensure parents can acess and benefit from that knowledge. Childhood development experts have worked closely with our video production team based in Los Angeles to create a vast library of 1-minute videos each with one practical tip as to how to help your child develop. The videos today form the courses available here on coursmos. From what to read at birth to ensuring your child feels they are an integral part of the family, these videos guide you step-by-step from birth to your child’s sixth birthday. Our project was founded by parents who themselves found it difficult to find reliable advice based on research and not opinions. But how many people have time to study all the research or know what is reliable and what is not? We know parents need this information to be clear simple, easy to access, and practical. Anyone from new parents to grandparents to uncles and aunts can benefit from these videos and understand how to apply the knowledge in everyday life. Whether your child is a newborn or almost 6, we have a programme tailored to the age of your child.

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