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About Anthony LaPine

Mr. LaPine launched his career at IBM as a member of the technology team that invented the modern disk drive. Recruited by Memorex in the launch of the Memorex Equipment Group he played a major role in Memorex's success driving the stock to $175 a share (NYSE) and a billion in sales.

His skills in high demand, he was heavily recruited including an offer from Steve Jobs at Apple he turned down. Accepting the position of President Irwin Magnetics, he led the company to a NASDAQ IPO. Building on his success, he started his own company LTC inventing the first micro disk drive for laptop computers. After achieving profitability & $60 million in sales he sold the company to Kyocera in a transaction valued at $234 million. LTC's prestigious Board included Kazuo Inamori founder of Kyocera and computer pioneer Gene Amdahl. LTC was featured in two Forbes magazine articles..

Looking for the next revolution in technology, he formed The LaPine Group, a management consulting firm whose clients included the US Treasury, Fortune 1000 companies and major law firms including Sullivan Cromwell LLC. among others. In 1996 recognizing the potential of the Internet Mr. LaPine launched DataLink taking the company public on both AMEX (DLK) and NASDAQ (XLNK). The stock soared to $88 a share with a market valuation of a Billion dollars.

In 2008 seeing the future in VoIP Telephony, DataLink acquired Flint Telecom forming The Flint Telecom Group, a technology leader in VoIP where he served as Chairman. In 2009 he and his wife acquired the HipLink division of Flint where he serves as Chairman with cofounder Pamela LaPine as CEO. Spearheaded by their premier partner AT&T, HipLink has become a leader in Mobile Health Care Solutions.

Mr. LaPine has served as Chairman of the Hoover Institution's Council on Economic Development He is an honored recipient of the San Jose State University "Alumni Award of Distinction" and the Santa Clara University "Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award”.